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The difference of custom printing machine for paper bag

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-22
Printing is an indispensable part in the customization of paper bags. How is the printing machinery classified? What are the differences between them? Let's take a look at the most important printing machinery in the custom printing of paper bags.

If it is classified from the custom printing machinery of the paper carrier bags, there are two categories. First of all, we also say that the first category is divided according to the size of the paper that can be printed. We will choose the appropriate paper according to the size required by the customer. Because the size of the paper bag is different, the size of the selected paper is also different. , then you can choose according to the size, such as 8 boots, 6 boots, 4 boots, 2 boots are also for boot and full boot and so on.

The second classification is based on the chromatic number of the color. We choose the printing machine according to the number of colors. There are single-color, two-color, four-color machines, etc. This is four-color. There is also a 4+1 printing press that is a spot color, that is, a four-color plus a spot color, such as special gold, special silver, and so on.
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