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The difference between the production of white cardboard paper bags and the production of coated paper bags

by:Jialan Package     2022-05-15

Recently, I have encountered many customers who consulted about paper bag making on the Internet. Many customers are actually making paper bags for the first time, and they do not know much about paper bag making, which has caused many customers to be blind in choosing paper bag making materials. Today, I will talk about the difference between white cardboard and coated paper.

White cardboard is a kind of strong, thick, heavyweight paper. In the past, some people planned to use quantitative as the basis to divide: paper, cardboard and cardboard; the main use of white cardboard is to print business cards, certificates, invitations, covers, month calendars and postcards.

White cardboard also requires high stiffness, bursting strength and smoothness (except white cardboard with embossed patterns). There is a phenomenon of warping deformation.

The commonly used paper weights of white cardboard are 210g and 250g, too thick and easy to burst.

Coated paper has bright surface, even coating, fast ink absorption and good printability, suitable for delicate color printing. For the purpose of fine printing, the surface of the base paper is coated with paint, and the general coated paper is calendered by a super calender.

Coated paper commonly used paper weights are 157g, 200g and 250g.

Coated paper and white cardboard production The surface of the paper bag production requires lamination. The lamination is to ensure that the printing effect will not fade in long-term use, and to ensure the original original color of the paper bag.

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