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The difference between the production of kraft paper bags

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-19

Because the yellow kraft paper has a natural yellow color, the background color is relatively dark. Therefore, when the paper bag is made, the printing process is not suitable for printing with too bright colors. Even if you want, it will not satisfy You, the background color is there. However, there is no problem doing a small amount of concise printing. Therefore, this is also the reason why most customers who like simplicity and clarity choose yellow kraft paper bags. Simple and straightforward.

Now we are going to talk about the production of white kraft paper bags. The land of white kraft paper is bleached, white and suitable for any printing. The appearance of white kraft paper is to make up for the printing defects of yellow kraft paper on the production of paper bags. If you want cowhide material, but you can't do gorgeous printing, what a pity, how depressing, and more pits. . . . Anyway, white kraft paper comes out, kraft paper bags, print whatever you want, print whatever you want. This sentence is said by Bai Niu, but it also needs the approval of the printing factory. Da Da, speaking of this, it is necessary to praise and praise our printing process again. According to various examples in the past: many of our customers have ordered paper bags in large quantities in other factories, but many customers who have requirements finally found us. And after working together, we are satisfied with our paper bag making and printing process, and have established a long-term cooperative relationship.

Come back again, white kraft paper bags and yellow kraft paper bags are not only different in printing, but white kraft paper bags have an additional bleaching process due to bleaching. Therefore, in the case of gram weight materials, yellow kraft paper bags The load-bearing capacity of production will be a little better than that of white kraft paper bags.

The difference between these two types of kraft paper bags is that they are very practical depending on your choice, and the production of kraft paper bags does not require lamination, which is very in line with the current environmental protection hotspots. Foreign customers especially like these two environmentally friendly paper bags.

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