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The difference between hot stamping and three-dimensional hot stamping in paper bag making

by:Jialan Package     2021-03-29

We have a Chinese saying that is very wonderful, called the insider watch the doorway, the outsider watch the excitement. It is because an expert has a wealth of knowledge and experience, and sees that what an expert sees is different from what an layman sees. The layman just looks at the appearance and sees the excitement. As if we don’t play football, we just need to see who wins, just watch the wonderful goals. The insider may even remember the name of the player who played the game, while the outsider only remembers the one with the most credit. The same is true in the packaging industry. The layman only needs to look good, and the expert knows the secrets of the craftsmanship, such as bronzing and three-dimensional bronzing, both have their own advantages. As an expert with 15 years of packaging production experience, I will tell you about bronzing and three-dimensional bronzing today!

1. Hot stamping

Hot stamping is the use of a certain pressure and temperature, using the template installed on the hot stamping machine, so that the printed matter and the hot stamping plate can be pressed together in a short time, and the metal foil or color pigment foil is transferred according to the graphic requirements of the hot stamping template. , The processing technology printed on the surface of the paper bag made of the hot material.

Since hot stamping is mainly used to make gold and silver on paper bags, it is also often called hot stamping. This technology is an important process to increase the visual effects and grades of labels, trademarks, cigarette packets, wine packets and various high-end paper bags. It can be divided into hot stamping first and then stamping and stamping first and hot stamping.

Post-hot-stamping is to first hot-stamp an electrochemical aluminum foil layer on the blank substrate, and then print graphics and text on the surface of the aluminum foil layer. It is mostly used for packaging prints that require large-area hot-stamping. The first printing and then hot stamping is to make prints on the printed paper bags, and stamp the required patterns on the parts that need hot stamping. This is a process that is currently widely used.

From the hot stamping method, it can be divided into hot stamping technology and cold stamping technology. The hot stamping technology is the hot stamping process mentioned above that requires a certain temperature and pressure to complete the transfer of the electrochemical aluminum foil. Cold hot stamping technology is a process in which paper bags are made of Uv adhesive and coated on the parts of the printed matter that need to be stamped, and the electrochemical aluminum foil is transferred to the surface of the packaging printed matter under a certain pressure. These two methods have their own characteristics and meet the requirements of different products.

2. Three-dimensional hot stamping

Three-dimensional hot stamping technology is a composite technology that combines hot stamping technology and embossing technology. It uses corrosion or engraving technology to make hot stamping and embossed graphics into a female intaglio and male embossing that are matched up and down. Paper bag production realizes the process of bronzing and embossing technology at one time. This process simultaneously completes bronzing and embossing, reduces the waste caused by processing procedures and inaccurate overprinting, and improves productivity and product quality.

Since three-dimensional hot stamping is a combination of hot stamping and embossing technology, the product effect is a three-dimensional embossed pattern, which cannot be printed on. Therefore, the process of first printing and then hot stamping must be adopted. At the same time, due to its For high precision and high quality requirements, it is not suitable for cold stamping technology, but more suitable for hot stamping technology.

The above is the difference between the hot stamping and three-dimensional hot stamping process for paper bag making. Please consult us for more paper bag making process, paper bag making design and printing.

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