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The difference between carton packaging and other paper bags

by:Jialan Package     2021-04-01

Paper packaging containers can be printed with corporate-style graphics and text. The relatively affordable price and good packaging effect make paper and paper bags the choice of customization for most commodity packaging boxes, but carton packaging factories should be reminded to print on the paper Everyone is using paper packaging as packaging containers, and there are more detailed distinctions. Carton packaging is similar in shape to carton packaging. It is two types of paper packaging containers that are printed by packaging box manufacturers. Generally, we call small paper containers as carton packaging, and the larger one is called carton packaging. In fact, there is no strict distinction. The cartons are generally color boxes, mainly used for sales packaging and printing production, while cartons are mostly used for outer boxes such as transportation packaging.

Carton packaging factory is not all paper packaging is carton packaging, carton packaging is also different from other paper bag production, carton packaging is used as product packaging box, it is the sales packaging of goods, carton packaging design It is mostly through artistic techniques that clearly highlight the product characteristics and convey the product image to consumers to achieve the purpose of promotion. Therefore, the carton has strong vitality as a sales package. Moreover, there are many types and styles, and most of the differences are in the structure, opening and sealing methods. Moreover, carton packaging is generally made by cutting cardboard, creasing and creasing, then bending, forming, binding or bonding. It is a small and medium-sized package that meets consumers directly. It can be used according to the characteristics and requirements of different commodities. The size, appropriate material, and beautiful shape of the product can safely protect and beautify the product.

Other paper packaging of packaging box manufacturers mainly refers to composite cans, composite paper cups, paper trays, pulp molded products, etc. Although they are all made of paper materials, there are still differences between them and carton packaging. Like many customers mentioned, the egg box pulp inner support is a type of product formed by molds according to different uses after plant raw materials or waste paper are pulped. It is a packaging printing factory that mainly produces paper bags such as packaging boxes and picture album printing. It can produce customized carton packaging and carton packaging.

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