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The development trend of product kraft paper bag making?

by:Jialan Package     2022-05-09

In recent years, with the changes in social and economic conditions and changes in domestic and foreign markets, my country has begun to attach importance to the production of kraft paper bags for industrial products. This is first manifested in the fact that the production of transport kraft paper bags has been gradually standardized and serialized, which emphasizes thin-walled, light-weight, safe and reliable, and many products have begun to use blister trays and containers and other outer packaging forms. Secondly, the production of kraft paper bags for sales has gradually developed in the direction of reasonable structure and unique shape design. But in general, the development of our commodity kraft paper bag production and production and the requirements of consumers are still not suitable. Many commodity packaging is still black, rough, stupid, old, and many products even have no packaging at all. For example, some domestic consumer goods for direct consumption are mostly unpackaged. Export commodities also have long-standing problems of first-class products, second-class packaging, and third-class prices.

At present, there are many reasons for the above problems, such as:

(1) The material quality of kraft paper bags is low, the price is high, and the varieties are few.

(2) The craftsmanship of the kraft paper bag is backward, the style is outdated, and the color is monotonous.

(3) There are many problems in the introduction of equipment, and the ability to play is uneven.

(4) The system is different, the personnel are scattered, the technical force is weak, and there is a lack of unified leadership and planning.

(5) Some corresponding policies are not clear.

The production of kraft paper bags directly affects consumers' desire to buy, and the production of kraft paper bags also increases the affinity of the product and better promotes the sales of the product. In today's economic globalization, kraft paper bags and commodities have been integrated. Kraft paper bags contain many kinds of knowledge. While people's living standards are constantly improving, it is not only a commodity, but also an art. One of the major directions of the development trend of product kraft paper bag design is humanized design. Humanized design is the goal that human beings have been pursuing in the process of transforming the world. It is based on people as the main body, and is generated around consumers' needs for functions such as thoughts, feelings, and personalities. Humanized design is constantly developing with the continuous improvement of people's living standards and will not die out. Its design not only meets the basic psychological needs of consumers, but also reflects the different connotations of products, brands, and enterprises.

Therefore, it can be said that the quality of the product kraft paper bag directly affects the sales of the product. As more and more enterprises begin to pay attention to the product kraft paper bag, the product kraft paper bag is also advancing with the times. Many theories have been born in business practice.

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