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The development trend of paper paper bag production

by:Jialan Package     2021-03-13

Paper paper bag making is currently people's green packaging, which has many advantages in energy saving and resource saving. As far as the international market is concerned, the era of paper paper bag making has come. With production experience in the production of high-grade paper paper bags, today I will talk to you about the advantages and characteristics of paper paper bag production in terms of printing technology.

In the packaging market of Novartis, there are many kinds of packaging materials from all walks of life, and the most common packaging material is paper packaging. Whether it is luxury high-end cosmetic packaging or gift packaging with market prospects, they tend to choose Made of paper paper bags. From market surveys, it can be found that paper-based paper bags are widely used in foreign countries. Foreigners are particularly fond of paper-based paper bags. Friends who like to watch American and British TV shows can find that in supermarkets, vegetable markets, and breakfast shops, everyone It is wrapped in very simple kraft paper packaging, and shopping malls are also full of all kinds of clothing cartons and paper bags.

Paper paper bag production has the characteristics of environmental protection, recycling, cost saving, etc. With the increasing requirements for environmental protection of paper bag production in the entire international market, paper paper bag production has another feature in addition to environmental protection, that is, it can be passed quickly Commodity inspection gates achieve the goal of fast logistics and cost saving.

Paper-based paper bag production and printing technology has the following new features: single-layer materials are developing in the direction of multi-layer materials; offset printing, gravure printing, flexo printing and screen printing and other printing methods coexist, among which flexographic printing It will grow the fastest; the development of single-fed paper to web and single-machine to online production to realize the supply of complete sets of equipment; the comprehensive application of various related new technologies (such as computer design, digital technology, laser processing technology and new Materials, etc.) Continuously optimize the entire production system to make the production process of paper paper bags easier and more convenient.

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