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The design principle of gift box, people-oriented

by:Jialan Package     2022-02-07

1. Understand the characteristics of the gift box itself

Such as product quality, size, strength, light-proof, moisture-proof and usage, etc., different products have different characteristics, and these characteristics also determine that the packaging materials and methods should meet the requirements of product characteristics.
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2. Understand the objects of products and services

Due to the difference in the gender, age, education level and economic status of buyers, the difference in their cognition of the product is formed, so the product is also targeted. It is possible to master the use of the product. Carry out packaging design with accurate positioning.

3. Understand how gift boxes are sold

Products can only become commodities in the sense of being sold through sales. There are many ways to distribute products. The common ones are shelf sales, in addition to non-entry mail order sales and direct sales, etc. This also means that the Packaging should be different.

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