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The design of the [moon cake gift box] reflects the culture of the Mid-Autumn Festival

by:Jialan Package     2022-01-25
Hangzhou Hengtai Packaging uses elegant color matching and exquisite appearance design of moon cake gift boxes, and introduces a new concept of moon cake box customization, which realizes the combination of moon cake packaging and beauty, thus reflecting the cultural characteristics of the Mid-Autumn Festival.
In the design of mooncake gift box, we need to find inspiration from the market and find the highlights of our mooncakes. We also need to go to the mooncake production enterprises to fully understand the characteristics, quality and shape of mooncakes, so as to know what we have in mind. As a local natural culture, moon cakes have their own regional characteristics. When designing custom moon cake gift boxes, it is necessary to tap the local cultural connotation and express the important characteristics of folk art of moon cake packaging from the pattern of the text box.
The moon cake gift box produced by our company should not only attract consumers in appearance, but also reflect the culture of the Mid-Autumn Festival.

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