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The design of the gift box needs to consider many factors

by:Jialan Package     2022-02-06
In the packaging industry, gift boxes are as important as packaging boxes. Its application can better sell goods. This is mainly because the gift box has made great efforts in the design. Packaging goods can not only prevent criticism, but also allow consumers to understand the basic information of the product more clearly and establish a company. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the shape design of the gift box.
1. The design of the gift box needs to be combined with the characteristics of the product itself, and make full use of the external elements of the product as the law of formal beauty.
2. The design adapts to market demand, carries out accurate market positioning, and creates brand personality.
3. The design should be light, thin, short, and small, and try to avoid excessive packaging, exaggerated packaging and uselessness.
4. The design of gift boxes needs to fully consider the elements of environment and ergonomics, consider practicality and ease of use
5. The design of gift boxes needs to increase innovation, and use new technology and new materials to carry out modern packaging shape design
The above confidence describes in detail the principles that need to be considered in the design of gift boxes. If you have any good suggestions for this, please feel free to put them forward.
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