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The design of the box needs to pay attention to the size details?

by:Jialan Package     2022-03-01
The packaging box is generally used as the product packaging in the middle, which is between the inner packaging and the outer box packaging. Therefore, when making the packaging box, the user first needs to determine the size of the packaging box, and pay attention to the following matters when determining the size:
1. When the customer provides the sample box, in order to ensure the measurement standard of the inner diameter or outer diameter, we can measure and determine the size of the sample box through the position of the slot;
2. When the size of the packaging box is directly provided by the customer, it should be clear whether it is the inner diameter or the outer diameter;
3. When designing the packaging box for the customer according to the customer's packaged product, the characteristics of the packaged product, the arrangement of the packaging, the size of the corrugated box lining and buffer material, and equipment limitations should be fully considered.
Packaging box, under the current development and application, has become a major development product in the packaging industry. The determination of its size is also a major factor in the design, so everyone needs to consider it clearly. Users who need to process customized packaging boxes need to understand clearly, some detailed information of the products, so that there will be no mistakes when making packaging boxes.
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