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The design of tea kraft paper bags should pay attention to the sense of modern culture

by:Jialan Package     2022-03-25

People from more than 100 countries and regions in the country love to drink tea and drink tea. Some places have promoted it as a cultural and artistic enjoyment. Every place has its own customs. Different ethnic groups also have different cultural differences. There are six major tea systems in my country. While reflecting the compatibility of ethnic groups, cultural characteristics have been inherited and developed. If the tea leaves are not properly stored, they will be exposed to temperature and damp or even moldy. Even the tea leaves after sun exposure will become bitter and unpalatable, the spoiled tea leaves will be greatly discounted, and the high-grade tea leaves will also change Poor quality. At this time, a high-quality tea kraft paper bag has a great advantage to a certain extent.

As far as the packaging of current commodities is concerned, its function is not only to limit and protect commodities, to display commodities, services and commodity sales, but also to continuously meet people's spiritual and cultural needs, especially Now that the differentiation is becoming more and more serious today, how to make the product make a deep impression on the people is especially important. Tea also has the dual attributes of material and spirit, which highlights the function of tea as a gift. When tea is used as a gift, its packaging must have cultural connotations, which can profoundly reflect the characteristics of tea culture and promote its characteristics. Advantage.

In the design of tea kraft paper bags, the modern Chinese elements can directly and aptly convey the contained emotions. While paying attention to people's emotions and desires, they should also express subtlety. The Chinese culture is mainly to accommodate the traditional Chinese style and It is characterized by being implicit, expressing indirect and yet reverie. This design method not only pays attention to the transmission of cultural sense, but also shows a kind of implicit modern beauty. Finally, it is necessary to emphasize a certain artistic conception, like the second in the country. The Chinese famous tea packaging, which won the silver award in the packaging and decoration design of this year's packaging and decoration design, has well demonstrated the modern cultural sense of artistic conception. Therefore, in the design of kraft paper bags, we can not only see what is displayed on the surface, but we should study it deeply while designing, starting from multiple perspectives, and changing thinking can add points to the designed product packaging. !

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