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The design of tea kraft paper bags is more about 'simple'

by:Jialan Package     2022-03-28

From my point of view, how gorgeous a tea kraft paper bag is to be made differently and how complicated the design is. Such kraft paper bags are not very popular with customers. On the contrary, which simple tea kraft paper bags seem to be more popular with customers, a pot of good water, a pinch of good tea, a tea cup, it is so simple, life is So concise! The packaging of the tea box does not need to be too beautiful in color, but it destroys the air!

Therefore, when custom designing tea kraft paper bags, the packaging design uses simple lines and dots to draw simple graphics, and then design different kraft paper bags according to different tea schemes. Because the people who love are usually quiet people, the design of tea packaging directly affects people who love tea. Designing a tea box that consumers love is to grasp the eye of consumers, and even more so. more benefits.

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