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The design of cosmetic kraft paper bags should be done according to the color structure

by:Jialan Package     2022-05-02

With the development of society, how can you have higher requirements for beauty? Conciseness, color and structure have become the key production content of cosmetic kraft paper bag design. Let's take a look at several major factors in the design. .

In the design of cosmetic kraft paper bag design, if the shape structure of the packaging should mainly fulfill a certain material function, then the packaging decoration focuses on fulfilling a certain aesthetic communication function, and the picture design of a sales package is actually a reflection of the contents An advertising campaign. Pay attention to concise, clear and unique advertising effects, which is an important feature of modern packaging and decoration design.

Packaging and decoration design is mainly reflected in the comprehensive treatment of graphic design, color design, text design and arrangement design.

The following will discuss the concept, graphics, color, text, and arrangement of the customized packaging design. The concept of packaging and decoration design is the soul of the design. People rely on clothes, horses rely on saddles, and three-point looks are seven-point dressing. These sayings are about the importance of packaging. The value of a good package can sometimes surpass the value of the product itself.

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