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The design of cosmetic kraft paper bags should be different in terms of expression

by:Jialan Package     2022-05-04

The reason why the packaging can be recognized by everyone is because people have accepted its expression. Cosmetic kraft paper bags are designed with different viewpoints of different groups of people.

Packaging must be able to meet the core needs of consumers, that is, it must have real value. Excessive packaging of form is greater than content. Even if these products can attract occasional gift purchases, it is difficult to win the loyalty of consumers and lack the motivation for long-term development. Customers are looking for convenience when shopping. For example, transparent or window-packed foods can be easily selected; combined-packed gift baskets can be easily used; soft-packed beverages are easy to carry, etc. The convenience of packaging adds to the attractiveness of products.

Gift box making, especially for young people, like to be different, like to seek differences, curiosity, and innovation, and try to find opportunities to express themselves. Product packaging targeting this type of consumption can boldly use taboo colors and break with tradition in styling.

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