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The design implication of moon cake box wholesale

by:Jialan Package     2022-03-12

For a long time, the traditional packaging of moon cakes mainly consisted of four regular quadrilaterals and eight round jars with seven stars and moon, symbolizing the round sky and the place. Then when the moon cake box is wholesale, it also needs to be corresponding. Therefore, when designing the moon cake box, it is necessary to design according to the size and shape of the moon cake, and try to design as reasonable as possible to make the moon cake package more delicate.

In addition, when designing the moon cake box, it is necessary to consider that the Mid-Autumn moon cake is not so much a kind of food as it is a kind of culture, a kind of sustenance to communicate feelings and convey friendship, and carry the blessings of the people from generation to generation. and expectations, so it needs to have an allegorical design. Later, the moon cake box needs a multi-functional design method. After different moon cake boxes, it can also be used as other products, which can save a lot of materials and turn waste into treasure.
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