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The core elements of cosmetic packaging boxes

by:Jialan Package     2023-06-17

When you're shopping in a retail store, the variety of colors, patterns, textures and shapes is bound to overwhelm customers. Compared with other products, cosmetic packaging boxes are more creative. The goal of any premium packaging box is to market the product while protecting it. Therefore, the cosmetic packaging box should not only need to have good quality, but also should have a certain aesthetics while displaying the brand. When looking for inspiration for your packaging design, pay attention to a few core elements to showcase the uniqueness of cosmetic packaging boxes.

First of all, color plays a huge role in cosmetic packaging design. As far as the nature of the cosmetics industry is concerned, any color scheme is fine, but if you need potential customers to read the brand's message from your packaging color scheme, then you need to understand the meaning of different colors .

No matter what industry it is, black and white is always the most classic packaging color scheme. Black represents mystery and high-end, and can create a sense of luxury and timeless elegance for the brand. White represents purity and cleanliness, and many whitening products like to use white as the color of the packaging box.

In addition to the two classic colors of black and white, red, purple, and green are often used in cosmetic packaging boxes, such as red and purple are often used in the packaging color of anti-aging products; while green is often used in green packaging color .

Second, similar to colors, fonts and typography used in cosmetic packaging convey the emotion of the brand as well as the message of the product. However, choosing the right font is not a very difficult task.

The fonts in the cosmetic packaging box do not need to be consistent, you can choose two to three fonts. For texts such as product information and brand information, regardless of the font and layout when choosing fonts, the primary goal is to ensure that it is easy to read, so clear and easy-to-read fonts should be the main focus. Secondly, cursive script, handwritten text, etc. can be used as text elements to display and improve the overall aesthetics of the packaging box. The last is the font of the brand logo, which should conform to the brand image. Secondly, the logo used in all products, websites, and mailboxes of the brand should be consistent, so that users can better identify your brand.

The competition in the cosmetics industry is extremely fierce, but it is also an industry full of opportunities. Take the time to research your packaging design to determine if it fits with your vision for your brand and product merchandising.

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