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The color psychology of the silent collection of kraft paper bag manufacturers

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-08

Whenever kraft paper bag manufacturers touch the packaging design part of kraft paper bags, color is a topic worthy of discussion. For a certain color, people either hate it or like it, rarely in the middle. It may seem strange on the surface that solving the simplest design element can cause such an extreme response, but when you think about the psychology behind it, you can understand why there is such a strong response.

When people walk into shopping malls and supermarkets, the first thing they notice is the variety of colors. In addition to the color of shopping mall decoration, it is the color of the packaging of various commodities. Whether the current reaction is to give an excellent evaluation, or to think this color matching is too bizarre, the color does leave a deep impression on people's hearts.

The human brain is amazing, capable of capturing thousands of tiny details every second, most of which we don't even realize. And these responses to color provide the brain with a lot of information that drives us to take subsequent actions.

Different people, different ages, different products, have different preferences for color, so color is something that manufacturers of kraft paper bags need to learn constantly. This is a bit like what people often say, not only to make customers like it, but also to meet the characteristics of the product, and in addition to meet the aesthetics of consumers. A good kraft paper bag packaging design should have the above three points.

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