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The Color Psychology of Making and Designing Tea Portable Paper Bags

by:Jialan Package     2022-03-29

Color psychology refers to the subjective psychological reaction caused by the objective color world. When light of different wavelengths acts on the human visual organs to produce color perception, it will inevitably lead to some emotional psychological activities. In the production and design of tea paper bags, color is the most critical and sensitive factor affecting vision. Compared with the subtlety of words, it gives people the most direct impact on vision.

The successful application of the color of the tea paper carrier bags is the primary factor for the success of the tea paper carrier bags.

In the production and design of tea paper bags, some will make people feel fresh and elegant; some will make people feel simple and elegant; some will make people feel gorgeous and delicate, different colors will make consumers feel Different psychological reactions are produced. When the psychological reactions of consumers meet their psychological expectations, the tea packaging can be said to be half the battle.

Green is often the color of choice for making tea tote bags because the tea tree itself is green and most tea leaves are green when brewed. Green is the most vital color, breaking new shoots, strong saplings, lush leaves, green gives people a sense of tranquility and remoteness, when we are troubled by earthly trivial matters, it helps us calm down and reach a harmonious realm.

Secondly, brown is also the color that is often used in the production of tea paper bags. It is different from the vitality of green. Brown is the color of the earth. We often say that the earth is the mother. The psychological reaction of brown is actually like a mother. Really trust.

Different colors of tea packaging make consumers have different psychological reactions, thus creating different tea impressions in consumers' minds.

As a company with 20 years of rich experience, dedicated to the production and customization of high-end paper bags, we strive to make every color of paper bags to meet the ultimate psychological needs of customers. If you are interested, welcome to inquire!

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