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The color of the box must be felt with 'heart'

by:Jialan Package     2022-03-15

Generally speaking, red means enthusiasm and joy, cyan means calmness and indifference, black means sadness and loneliness, purple means solemnity and anxiety, grey means emptiness, dark red means restlessness and anger, etc.

In terms of appearance, generally white represents purity, gray represents simplicity, cyan represents peace and poverty, yellow represents light and wealth, purple represents ruthlessness, and black represents darkness and truth.

On a picture, the color can also relatively express the distance of the object. Generally, the color of the near object is rich and vivid. In addition, the fidelity of the color is also very important. Only the real color can have the texture.

The tones have warm tones, such as red, yellow, orange dominant tones, because they are similar to flame tones, giving people a sense of warmth, so they are called warm tones, while cyan and blue-based tones give people a sense of warmth. Cool or cold feeling, so called cool tones. And green, white, etc. are intermediate tones. Color plays an important role in printing. Correct understanding and application of color can make the printed matter achieve a degree of vividness, harmony and harmony. Color has a sense of warmth, emotion, representation, space and texture.

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