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The color matching of gift paper bags requires attention to details

by:Jialan Package     2022-05-12

The Chinese people's idea of u200bu200b'face' has always existed, and it is also a big country where gifts are popular. Therefore, the products used in gift paper bag making are very rich and the scope is extremely wide. Only the gift market has huge market capacity and room for growth. According to conservative estimates, China's annual gift consumption exceeds 60 billion yuan, and with China's accession to the WTO and the success of its bid for the Olympics, as well as the improvement of people's living standards, the gift market will maintain a stable and high-speed growth for a long time. It can be seen that the market space for gift paper bag making is very broad.

Let's learn about the color skills that should be paid attention to when making and designing paper bags:

The contrast of shades used for color. Chromatic aberration often occurs during the production process. This is the most frequently used color in the current paper bag production design, and the most widely used. The so-called contrast of shades should mean that two colors of shades and shades appear on one screen skillfully at the same time in the design color, resulting in a more harmonious perspective effect. Usually use a large area of u200bu200blight-colored base, and use dark composition on it, such as light-colored base, use coffee-colored for composition, or use light yellow or white pattern lines in coffee-colored blocks; also use Light green base; dark green composition; pink base; bright red composition; light gray base; soap black composition, etc. China's Changyu wine and Shuanghui's sausages and Xijie's meat products are mostly expressed in this form. The visual effect it shows is bright, simple, gentle and elegant.

The light and heavy contrast (or dark and light contrast) used in color is also one of the important reproduction methods in the use of color in paper bag making. This kind of light and heavy contrast is often used to set off a solemn and deep theme pattern on a light and elegant background, or in a solemn and deep theme pattern (mostly color block patterns). The theme and name of the packaging, as well as the trademark or advertising slogan, etc. Conversely, a large area of u200bu200bdignified and deep pigment is also used as the base. In addition, use light and elegant tones or focus on a certain color block or fully decorate some patterns. Generally, pigments have coordinating color contrast and cold and warm color contrast. The method of coordinating color contrast is often light green to dark green; light color to dark coffee; pink to bright red, etc., while the contrast of cold and warm colors is mostly black and white, red and blue, etc. .

The production of high-grade paper bags is often a good use of color matching. The production of paper bags with chaotic color matching is also difficult to be elegant.

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