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The color design of [custom home textile gift box] brings the packaging art into full play! Home Textile Gift Box Customized@Mooncake Box Wholesale@Packaging Box

by:Jialan Package     2022-01-26

Color design occupies an important position in the design of home textile gift box customization/products-detail.asp?cpidu003d72. Color is an important factor to highlight the product. The use of packaging color is closely related to the conception and composition of the entire picture design. The color of packaging requires flatness and uniformity, which is a high level of filtering and refining of colors. It is based on people's associations and color habits, and it is a means of packaging art to carry out a high degree of exaggeration and color change. At the same time, the color of the packaging is also subject to the system and restrictions of the process, material, use and sales area.

The color requirements in the custom design of home textile gift boxes are eye-catching, strong in contrast, and have strong attraction and competitiveness, so as to arouse consumers' desire to buy and sell. For example, food and bright and rich colors are mainly warm colors, highlighting the freshness, nutrition and taste of food; medicine and pure cool and warm colors; cosmetics commonly used soft intermediate colors; hardware and mechanical tools commonly used blue, black and Other calm color blocks are used to express the characteristics of solidity and durability; children's toys often use bright and dazzling solid colors and various color blocks with strong contrast between cold and warm to conform to children's psychology and hobbies; sporting goods mostly use bright and loud color blocks , to increase the feeling of activity and movement... Different commodities have different characteristics and attributes. Designers should study the habits and hobbies of consumers as well as the changing trends of international and domestic popular colors, so as to continuously enhance the sociology and consumer psychology awareness of color.

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