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The 'coat' of the packaging box, packaging box, corrugated carton box, pecan gift box customized

by:Jialan Package     2022-03-03

Packaging box With the gradual establishment of my country's socialist market economy system, my country's socialist market economy will be further developed. The market economy is a form of economic operation that relies on the market to exchange commodities and allocate social resources through the market. Commodities that run on the market are boxed. Therefore, under the condition of market economy, the packaging box is in the whole process of social production, circulation and consumption. both play an important role. The packaging box is a commodity; outerwear; because people have different understandings of its connotation, there are different interpretations of the definition of the packaging box. The traditional concept of packaging box only sees the function of packaging to protect the commodity, and believes that the packaging box is only; the packaging of the commodity; the container containing the contents; or the container of the commodity and the operation labor of packing and wrapping the commodity. ;Wait.

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