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The benchmark for cosmetic entrepreneurs, the paper bag making factory is honored to witness

by:Jialan Package     2022-05-07

People often say that everything must be done according to the rules, and do not do things that are uncertain. Many successful cosmetic companies rely on a plan of medium to high difficulty, plus a very reliable execution, so from the establishment of Since the beginning, the scale has been steadily increased. This is what the cosmetic paper bag manufacturing factory felt from working with them to make handbags. There is a cosmetic business, and their large-scale packaging factory is watching them thrive.

At the very beginning, this cosmetics company only had about ten people, but they all came from other cosmetic companies and came together. They not only have a lot of creams, masks, and essential oils. They are also very insightful about sales and the overall planning and layout. In 2013, they found a cosmetic paper bag manufacturing factory. Although there were only 2 people when they came, one was one of their partners at the time, and the other was The main person in charge of the product, while the other is a designer, actually started looking for a supplier of outer packaging 2 months in advance, which surprised the people in the office of the paper bag factory.

One of the reasons why they were surprised was that they came to understand that the person in charge of the consulting business was the top person in charge of their company, not the general procurement department, and they could actually feel from their tone at the time that they were just starting out Company, but it does not feel inferior to other big brands of cosmetics companies just because it is just starting, which really surprised the colleagues present in the cosmetic paper bag manufacturing factory.

They also have their own positions and opinions on the next negotiation on the details of the handbag customization and some matching with the packaging box. To be honest, this kind of customer has been in the cosmetic paper bag manufacturing factory to the current career. , I have seen very few, many of them will follow the suggestions of the factory and the master who specializes in handbags, and after visiting the factory on the spot, they are also satisfied, but the delivery time of the first cooperation delivery is still There is a slight delay, in order to prevent others from saying that the cosmetic paper bag manufacturing factory is looking for an excuse, this issue will not be explained much.

After that transaction, their 3 models of products were all sold well, and they all turned back again to let the cosmetic paper bag manufacturing factory continue to make their brand of paper bags, but their changes are also extremely huge, because the time is not too early 2 months, but 3 months earlier. After their first cooperation, they realized that the transaction process needs to constantly confirm and overturn, confirm the overthrow, and guess the one they are most satisfied with. They have that persistent self-confidence and think that They are very attentive to product quality and product packaging, and consumers will also stand on their side. This is also true. Now their company is a medium-to-large company with 200 employees.

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