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The application of kraft paper in the production of garment paper bags

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-20

With the improvement of people's quality of life, environmental awareness and luxury quality go hand in hand, we also began to think about how to achieve low-key luxury? The appearance of kraft paper seems to provide us with infinite possibilities. Many domestic garment paper bag manufacturers have begun to use it widely, and the production of kraft paper garment paper bags has also become popular.

The natural brown color of kraft paper has a warm and nostalgic feeling, and I believe many people like it. Especially in the Xiaomi mobile phone box, the production of kraft paper bags has been pushed to the peak of environmentally friendly paper bag production again and again, and more and more customers have begun to choose kraft paper as the material for making paper bags.

So, what are the advantages of making kraft paper bags? Kraft paper has a high tensile force, including single light, double light, stripe, no grain, etc., and the tear strength, rupture work and dynamic strength are also high. The performance of kraft paper is very superior. It not only has the characteristics of moisture-proof and waterproof, oil-proof, low-temperature freezing resistance, and delayed insurance period, but also compared with plastic and cellophane bags, the cost of kraft paper is 10 to 20% lower under the same barrier effect. ten percent. Kraft paper is usually made of pure wood pulp, which is much stronger than plastic paper bags in terms of hygiene and safety, and kraft paper bags can be recycled and reused, which is better than plastic paper bags in terms of environmental protection.

In fact, we have been using kraft paper for a long time, but it has not been used in the production of clothing paper bags, but only in office supplies. Gradually, people found that kraft paper is a good material for making paper bags. Many businessmen saw business opportunities and began to apply them in food and clothing. More and more designers began to create wanton creations on kraft paper, and carried out a series of paper bag production designs and structural designs on kraft paper, making kraft paper to the fullest.

The newly created BIESSE garment paper bag is made of kraft paper, which is processed by bronzing process. It is a kraft paper garment paper bag that is both foreign and environmentally friendly.

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