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The Application of Chinese Traditional Auspicious Patterns in Modern Paper Bag Making Design

by:Jialan Package     2021-04-12

There are many types of traditional Chinese auspicious patterns, which are not only highly decorative, but also have profound meanings, expressing people's pursuit and wishes for a happy life. Modern paper bag production design is based on life, full of the breath of the times, reflecting the characteristics of the times, the application of traditional auspicious patterns to modern paper bag production design not only reflects people's exploration of art, but also shows people's inheritance of traditional culture.

The shape of Chinese chopsticks is mostly rectangular parallelepiped or cylinder or round head and tail square (meaning a place where the sky is round). In addition to daily use, carefully made paper bags can also be used as gifts for relatives and friends. The wedding dragon and phoenix chopsticks gift paper bag is made of a rectangular parallelepiped. The two tongues can be inserted into the card slots in the middle of the two ends of the box, which is easy to open and take, and has a good closing effect. No adhesive is required, which not only saves production costs, but also makes the paper box It is convenient for mass production on the automatic paper bag production line. In addition, during the sales process, the cartons can be opened horizontally or vertically for display and display, and after consumers buy the chopsticks home, they can also put the whole chopsticks at home as handicrafts, adding a festive atmosphere. Design of making paper bags for Shangnanquan tea leaves

Shangnanquan tea paper bags are made of octagonal prisms. The lid of the box is sealed with a tongue-in, and the bottom of the box is sealed with a spring lock bottom similar to a quadrangular prism. The cartons can be sealed by folding and inserting each other without any Adhesive. The main colors of Shangnanquan tea paper bags are plum blue and bamboo leaf blue. The overall effect is elegant and fresh, which is in line with the characteristics of Shangnan green tea; the main decoration surface is printed with the name of the tea, and a large piece of tea made of many small pieces of white tea is designed. , This piece of tea is more fresh and refined on the green background of bamboo leaves, and it is full of modernity; the pattern occupying 3 boxes in the middle is some symbolic words and symbols of ancient tea culture, and the two sides are illustrations of tea culture, plus The use of traditional auspicious patterns such as group flowers and auspicious clouds makes the whole paper bag production very traditional and beautiful, reflecting the perfect collision of modern fashion sense and historical tradition.

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