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Tell me about the precautions for customizing tea gift boxes?

by:Jialan Package     2022-01-16

Everyone knows that good tea requires good packaging to highlight its differences. Generally, tea gift boxes are selected for fine packaging, so when merchants customize tea gift boxes, they need to pay attention What matters? It can be mainly divided into the following points:

1. Loose edge: The art paper bulges that appear on the edges and corners of the tea gift box are called loose edges;
2. Dew ash: There is exposed ash board at the interface of the ash board of the packing box, which is dew ash;
3. Glue opening: where the art paper and the gray board are attached, the art paper is released from the glue;
4. Surface scratches: The surface of the gift box is scratched and damaged;
5. There is glue on the box body: when sticking the tea gift box, the glue leaks due to too much glue;
6. Damaged during transportation: It is damaged by being crushed during transportation and packaging.
To sum up, a good tea gift box can increase the value of tea, so it is better to pack it finely. Therefore, when packaging it, they chose such a gift box.
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