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Tea popular kraft paper bags are simple and environmentally friendly

by:Jialan Package     2022-05-11

Tea is an item that is highly susceptible to environmental changes, and tea kraft paper bags play an important role in maintaining the same quality of tea. The selection of materials will also have an impact on tea packaging. Here are some basic requirements for the selection of packaging materials.

Focus on safety. Many domestic enterprises that produce composite materials abuse inks, diluents, adhesives, etc. in production, resulting in many tea kraft paper bag materials with many strong odors. Packing tea with these materials, the tea absorbs these odors and destroys the original aroma and taste of the tea, so it is extremely important to pay attention to safety.

Focus on moisture resistance. The moisture content of tea should be strictly controlled (below 7%) before packaging. The good moisture-proof properties of packaging materials can delay various hydrolysis reactions in the tea, and the quality of the tea can be better maintained.

Pay attention to protection from light. Light will accelerate the condensation reaction and changes of various components of tea, especially destroy chlorophyll and other substances, and reduce the quality of tea. The tea kraft paper bag material has good light-proof performance to better maintain the quality of tea.

Focus on gas barrier properties. Oxygen in the atmosphere will speed up the oxidation reaction of various quality components in tea leaves and reduce the quality of tea leaves. The good gas barrier properties of packaging materials can also maintain the quality of tea leaves and effectively prevent tea leaves from being oxidized.

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