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Tea Kraft Paper Bag Packaging Solutions

by:Jialan Package     2022-05-11

We all know that kraft paper bag packaging manufacturers are prone to encounter various problems when making tea kraft paper bags. For example, the corners of the packaging edge burst, I believe this is also a headache for many factories. Today, I would like to share with you how to save the problem of popping corners. Joining you who are troubled can help.

The emergency treatment plan for edge burst angle is as follows:

1. If you find the custom running version of the kraft paper bag, you should immediately re-up the version, and lock the die-cut version and the bottom version.

2. If there are burrs or cutting edges on the steel wire on the die-cutting plate, eliminate the burrs or cutting edges of the custom-made indentation knife in the kraft paper bag and use a grinding wheel or file to round it or replace the thick knife. If two thin knifes are used The combined use of knives is better.

3. When the kraft paper bag is customized to make the die-cutting plate, the dark line should be made as far as possible into a circular arc angle or a steel knife to form at one time.

4. When the kraft paper bag is customized due to the improper position of the sponge rubber strip, when the pressure line bursts, the sponge pad can be attached to the side of the pressure line knife of the mold. It helps to destroy the corrugation at the pressing line of the cardboard, so as to solve the bursting phenomenon, but the sponge pad customized by packaging should not be too soft, and the hard guard strip should be used.

5. For the moisture content of the paper, the die-cutting should be produced in time after the cardboard comes out. Kraft paper bag suppliers believe that it is not easy to store for too long and reduce the impact of relative humidity on the moisture content of cardboard. For cardboard with low moisture content, water can be applied to the cardboard to reduce the bursting phenomenon.

So, when we encounter the problem of kraft paper bags, don't panic, the first thing to do is to solve it. , a customized manufacturer of tea gift boxes for more than ten years, with quality assurance, innovative design capabilities, and satisfactory service, so that you have no worries.

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