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Tea kraft paper bag packaging manufacturers introduce packaging 'printing' knowledge to you

by:Jialan Package     2022-03-28

Tea kraft paper bag packaging manufacturers have been busy recently, because the end of the year is approaching, we must strive to make all the goods well before the year and send them away, and we will organize a package and printing knowledge for you, so that you can have a deeper understanding of packaging. It is also more convenient for you to better connect with the factory. Let's discuss it with the editor.

Knowledge of Shanghai packaging box printing:

As the name suggests, the packaging box is the box used to package the product. It can be classified according to the name of the product: tea box, moon cake box, candy box, wolfberry box, exquisite kraft paper bag, wine box, chocolate box, food and medicine box, Health care product boxes, stationery boxes, food packaging boxes, etc.; can also be classified according to materials: paper boxes, wooden boxes, iron boxes, acrylic boxes, pvc boxes, corrugated packaging boxes, etc. The function of packaging box printing is to ensure that products are transported during transportation. It is not damaged in the process, and the grade of the product is improved.

Basic knowledge of Shanghai packaging box printing:

1. General paper printing is divided into four-color printing, black and white printing, spot-color printing, and multi-color printing for more than four-color printing.

2. Printing patterns and characters on some product bodies or metals can be divided into: screen printing, pad printing, hot stamping, flexographic printing, etc.

3. Traditional printing plate making is to make graphic information into film. Now CTP is basically used for plate making, and there is no need to make film again. The development rhythm and change of the market are getting faster and faster, which has achieved a major change in printing technology.

4. If the quality requirements are not very high and the content is not changed, the CTP version can be protected and reused, which can save the printing fee, printing cost and time.

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