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Tea kraft paper bag packaging manufacturers ask you how to prevent packaging 'mildew'

by:Jialan Package     2022-03-28

All the teas we see everyday are packed in kraft paper bags, and the quality requirements for tea packaging are also high. Now, the health and safety of both food and drink has become a topic of discussion among the whole people. Their packaging and printing have also attracted the attention of consumers. It can be said that the packaging is the first impression of the product to the customer. It can be said that the quality of the packaging is very important to the merchants, but the packaging is sometimes of good quality and encounters wet weather. If so, it will make the packaging moldy. For our packaging factory, how to avoid it!

First of all, to prevent the product packaging kraft paper bag from becoming moldy and deteriorating, the packaging kraft paper bag must be placed in a dry environment, because there is no water in the dry place, so it will not provide a certain environment for the growth of mold, so Kraft paper bags are protected from mold.

As delicate as you, an exquisite kraft paper bag is indispensable, and a professional kraft paper bag manufacturer is indispensable. They have been manufacturing for many years, only to create personalized product packaging, and quickly customize a package that belongs to it for your goods. Pack it.

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