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Tea kraft paper bag manufacturers teach you to design tea kraft paper bags

by:Jialan Package     2022-03-26

A custom tea box must first have a good tea kraft paper bag design, followed by a professional tea kraft paper bag manufacturer. However, many customers often do not know how to design, and many customers have very low packaging design, and they feel very dissatisfied. So, how to design a good tea box?

As the saying goes, have you never eaten pork and never seen a pig run? This sentence is not inconsistent with packaging design at all. Although the things are different, the principles are the same. For customers who have no experience in design, you may wish to refer to other people's tea packaging, read and summarize more, you can find the design highlights, and then you can convert them into your own. Of course, this is not for everyone to copy and copy, but to draw inspiration from excellent design.

This Longsheng Polytea kraft paper bag is specially used to store tea cakes, so some inner packaging is omitted, a pull-out box type is used, and the inner lining is embossed with gold card. Different kraft paper bags are customized according to different teas, and the packaging that meets the product requirements is the most suitable packaging.

Tea kraft paper bag manufacturers have produced many tea kraft paper bags. There are tea kraft paper bags of different specifications, materials, processes and box shapes. Some of them are produced according to the design documents provided by customers, and the other part is designed and manufactured according to customer requirements. Production. , not a simple kraft paper bag manufacturer, while focusing on quality, it also continuously improves its own design level.

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