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Tea kraft paper bag manufacturers have very strict requirements on the text of the packaging.

by:Jialan Package     2022-03-26

The text designed by the tea kraft paper bag manufacturer is also an important part. A kraft paper bag can be without any decoration, but it cannot be without text. Just like the same person, he must have a name. The text of the kraft paper bag must be concise, clear, and fully reflected. Commodity attributes, it is difficult to use fonts that are too complicated and difficult to recognize, and fonts that are too stiff and sharp are not suitable.

Commodities with strong traditional and national character, Chinese calligraphy art has a long history, and has strong artistic and ornamental qualities. It can properly use calligraphy to reflect the main and thick rhythm of tea culture and reflect the Chinese The nation has a long cultural history, that is good, but use fonts that are easy to understand, easy to read, and easy to recognize, and use less cursive or unclear fonts. It must take into account the discernment of consumers, and it must be clear at a glance . ?? In addition, the design of kraft paper bags must comply with the relevant regulations of our country.

In a word, the materials, colors, patterns, characters and other elements in the design of gift boxes are closely related to the products. The key issue is how to accurately and quickly convey the product information. Question, this is also a standard to measure whether a packaging design is good.

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