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Tea kraft paper bag manufacturers have made specific efforts on packaging

by:Jialan Package     2022-03-27

In the current market, everyone likes to use kraft paper bags for packaging tea. Manufacturers have also put a lot of effort into packaging. What aspects have they made efforts in?

Tea packaging is the key to ensure the quality of tea in the field of purchasing, sales, storage and circulation. A wonderful and unique tea packaging can not only give people a beautiful and comfortable enjoyment, but also can directly Stimulate the purchasing desire of consumers, so as to achieve the purpose of promoting sales, and play the role of silent salesman.

The text of the tea packaging is also an important part of the design. A package can be without any decoration, but it cannot be without text. Just like the same person, he must have a name. The text of the tea packaging must be concise and clear, fully expressing the attributes of the product .

Color is what attracts customers in the production of gift boxes. If the color is matched properly, consumers will have a pleasing feeling after seeing it, which can attract consumers' attention. The pattern design of tea packaging can make the product more visual, lively and interesting

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