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Tea kraft paper bag manufacturers design packaging according to those two points?

by:Jialan Package     2022-03-26

The packaging made by tea kraft paper bag manufacturers can generally be divided into two categories, namely large packaging and small packaging. Large packaging is also called transportation packaging. It is mainly used to facilitate transportation, loading and unloading and storage. Generally, wooden boxes and corrugated boxes are used. There are also tin buckets or tin buckets; small packaging is also called retail packaging and sales packaging, which can not only protect the quality of tea, but also have a certain ornamental value, which is convenient for publicity, display, exhibition, and easy to carry.

There are many types of small packaging, which can be divided into three categories: rigid packaging, semi-rigid packaging and flexible packaging according to the different materials. Process engraved gold-plated boxes, etc.; semi-rigid packaging has various cardboard boxes; flexible packaging includes paper bags, plastic food bags and various summer bags, etc. The design can be based on different needs, with appropriate materials for packaging design. When designing packaging, the first thing to consider is its material and structure. Whether the selection of packaging materials is appropriate directly affects the quality of the product. This is also determined by the properties of this special product. Therefore, it is generally easy to choose a product with a good structure and easy to open. material for packaging. With the development of the packaging industry and the combination of modern high technology, many new types of packaging have emerged. There are also many novel and unique tea packages on the market, but some packages seem to be good, but there is a tendency to over-package, and some are divorced from the attributes of the product, blindly pursuing a gorgeous surface decoration and dry colors, which are incompatible with their own. The quality does not match. For example, there is a kind of tea packaging with plastic engraving and gold plating on the market. From the packaging, there is no information to be conveyed by the product, which gives people a feeling of handicraft.

The color of the gift box can attract customers in the packaging design. If the colors are matched properly, the consumers will have a pleasing feeling after seeing them, which can attract the attention of consumers. The color of the packaging is restricted by the attributes of the product, and the color itself has its attributes. Therefore, the use of color should be careful, and strive to be less and more precise, concise and lively. Or fresh and elegant, or gorgeous and moving, or simple and natural, we should take into account the customs and appreciation habits of consumers, and also use different colors in consideration of the grades, occasions, varieties, and characteristics of the goods. The design should pay attention to the unity of color and overall style. It should not use too much color, which will not form stalks, nor can gold and silver be used everywhere to give people a sense of glamour. The design should take into account the comparison with similar products. We conduct investigation, analysis and research on similar products, learn from each other's strengths and weaknesses, and design competitive kraft paper bags that can stand out among many commodities.

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