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【Tea gift box】Worthy of your choice

by:Jialan Package     2022-02-24
Any product needs to be packaged in order to be up-grade, and products without outer packaging are just street goods. Tea is now divided in the market, the more expensive the tea packaging, the better. Therefore, there should be a good tea gift box in the tea sales.
In the sales market, tea gift boxes are a marketing method used to package tea, which can bring good benefits to businesses to a certain extent. is also relatively high. Therefore, when making it, the materials needed are required. The tea gift box is generally printed on 2.0 gray board mounted coated paper. This material has good hardness and has a good protective effect on the quality of tea. Secondly, the production process is divided into two parts. For printing and hot stamping, etc., are hot stamped on the packaging box and laminated paper through a special process. The tea gift box made in this way is tasteful.
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