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Tasting General Kraft Paper Bag Making

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-28

The production of general kraft paper bags is favored by many businesses because of its environmental protection, durability, firmness and good load-bearing characteristics. What Xiaobian brings you is a general-purpose kraft paper bag made by the manufacturer.


We use materials that have passed multiple international certifications, and the whole kraft paper bag looks comfortable and comfortable.

General purpose kraft paper bag making material


The crafting style of kraft paper bags is fashionable and simple, environmentally friendly, classic, fresh and natural. We know that with the strengthening of environmental protection awareness at home and abroad, the requirements for product quality are getting higher and higher, and it is most suitable to use this general-purpose kraft paper bag as a packaging material.

Universal kraft paper bag making style

Carrying Rope

Two hand ropes, smooth and delicate. The manufacturer has selected a widened hand rope, which can be lifted without restraint. The appearance looks fashionable, sturdy, durable, and the rope belt shows the atmosphere and grades.


The whole kraft paper bag is made with generous cut, fine workmanship, firm sticking, economical and durable.

Universal kraft paper bag making work


General purpose kraft paper bags, widely used, can be used for clothing, shoes and hats, various special products, food, cosmetics and other daily necessities.

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