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Talk about the solution to the degumming phenomenon of 【Gift Box】?

by:Jialan Package     2022-01-15
The phenomenon of degumming will occur in the process of making gift boxes, which means that the sticky mouth is cracked due to insufficient bonding fastness. The main solutions are summarized as follows:
1. Test the glue before the production of the gift box. It is better if the thumb and index finger are sticky (of course, the material of the gift box is different, and the glue used is also different).
2. In the process of making the gift box, pay attention to the uniformity of the glue, and use a semi-automatic foaming machine or a scraper to carry out carpet treatment on the surface of the gift box to ensure that the glue can reach the face paper.
3. When the gift box is pasted with glue, Xu Ya has a reasonable grasp of the airing time. After drying, use external force to tear the edge of the tissue paper to see if it is destructive. If it is, the glue is sufficient to be a qualified product and will not be degummed in the future. If it is not, it is falsely sticky, and the glue or practice should be adjusted.

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