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Talk about the production process of [tea gift box]

by:Jialan Package     2022-01-15
A tea gift box is a kind of container used to hold tea. The shape often has a rectangular parallelepiped, a cube, a cylinder and other anomalies. The main materials are: paper, wood, iron, aluminum, and other mixed environmental protection materials. The production process of tea gift box:
1. The choice of paper quality, including the surface material (special paper, leather-filled paper, PU leather, coated paper, powder paper).
2. Selection of embryo body materials (gray card, single white card, double white card, double copper card, single copper card, environmentally friendly plastic embryo, etc.).
3. Make a knife mold, and test beer and materials. After the process and practice are confirmed, batch cutting of materials is carried out to prepare materials in batches.
4. The tea gift box is assembled and hand-made in the assembly workshop, and the finished product is packaged.
A good tea gift box packaging design must have a good foundation, which is the essence of the packaging, that is, how to maintain the quality of the tea so that it does not deteriorate. Only by fully understanding the characteristics of tea and the factors that cause the deterioration of tea, can we choose appropriate materials according to these characteristics, and use them rationally to achieve perfection. Especially for green food, it is necessary to strengthen the awareness of environmental protection, in line with the needs of people to return to nature.

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