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Talk about several techniques that are often used in [custom moon cake box]?

by:Jialan Package     2022-01-15
The Mid-Autumn Festival in 2018 is getting closer and closer. Some merchants and moon cake manufacturers are busy looking for custom manufacturers of moon cake boxes for the Mid-Autumn Festival to customize various types of moon cake boxes. The following editor will tell you about Hangzhou Hengtai How many processes do packaging box manufacturers often use when customizing Mid-Autumn Mooncake boxes?
The lamination process of moon cake packaging box: Generally speaking, it is divided into two types: bright film and matt film. The printing and packaging paper lamination process is a process method to protect and decorate the surface of the box.
Mooncake gift box UV process: applied in the mooncake box industry on the surface of ordinary offset paper or BOPP matte film, using screen printing process to make the matte or glossy surface form a strong contrast, the picture that needs to be emphasized on the box And text to the finishing touch effect.
Mooncake gift box hot stamping process: Anodized aluminum hot stamping foil is mainly used to heat and pressurize to transfer the pattern or text to the surface of the gift box.
Mooncake carton embossing process: The pattern is transferred and pressed onto the surface of the mooncake carton mainly by means of pressure. The embossing effect is produced by the embossing process, and the Mid-Autumn Mooncake carton packaging is more beautiful, the theme is more vivid, and the touch is richer.
Mid-autumn moon cake box die-cutting and creasing process: It is a commonly used process for packaging and printing products, which is to use a die-cutting knife to die according to the pattern required by the moon cake box design.
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