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Take a look at the new trends in cosmetic paper bag making and design!

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-29

As a cosmetic paper bag manufacturer with packaging production experience, we always pay attention to industry trends, strive to keep pace with the times, and provide customers with better products and services. After in-depth understanding, I know that more and more cosmetic companies prefer the production of delicate, simple and low-cost paper bags, such as the following:

Black series, inspired by optical illusion art, uses the wonderful fantasy of cosmetics in people's hearts as a way of expression, creating stunning visual effects and standing out from competing products. The editor also said before that black is to give people a low-key, luxurious and connotative sense of sight and taste.

Can your product attract attention quickly? Better creativity, more special form of paper bag making. Visual conflict can attract people's attention, and the choice of color is very important.

Each product paper bag production design work has a visual center point, which is basically the most eye-catching product name combination that best reflects the product characteristics.

The second visual center point of the cosmetic box - the creation of auxiliary elements, it will play a vital role in promoting the historical background of the brand, business philosophy and product characteristics.

To ensure a constant brand aesthetic, the same pattern is used across the range, with a simple distinction of seasonal color palettes. Different seasons are represented by different colors, be creative!

We provide cosmetic boxes with the above new materials for you to taste. If you want to know more cosmetic box menus, please pay attention!

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