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Strict kraft paper bag production process requirements for kraft paper bag packaging manufacturers

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-14

Kraft paper bag packaging manufacturers have very strict requirements on the production process of kraft paper bags. Professional technicians personally check the production process from plate making to printing, lamination, bronzing, etc. Customers who customize kraft paper bags can rest assured. The production process requirements of kraft paper bags need to be roughly as follows:

1. Check the production order and production samples, and check whether the materials are qualified;

2. Do the first inspection and confirmation before mass production;

3. Combination box body;

Stack the die-cut boxboard paper on the table, and apply glue evenly to the small sides on both sides; lift up the four sides of the glued boxboard paper, press the big side against the small side, and use two rubbers The tendons are taut; stacked on the pallet at a wrong angle of 45°, the self-inspection is qualified, the sign is hung, and it is transferred to the next process after air-drying.

4. Mounting the box body;

Apply glue evenly to the face paper of the box body, and place the box shape accurately in the frame line on the back of the face paper; put on the auxiliary block, and bend the four sides downward at a 90° angle; take out the auxiliary block and place the bleeding edge Fold inwards, and use a bamboo scraper to smooth the four sides of the box to make it fully bonded;

Turn the box upright and scrape the corners with your thumb nail;

Put on the auxiliary block again, use a flannel to wipe the facial tissue from the inside out, if there are glue stains, wipe it with a flannel dipped in a little ethanol;

Exhaust air to make it tightly bound;

When punching holes, make sure that the hole positions are appropriate.

5. Self-inspection of the quality is qualified, the sky and earth cover are fastened, count the quantity and hang the sign, and the delivery is inspected and packaged;

6. Inspection items include: molding effect, bonding effect, surface cleanliness, such as the flatness of the box body, firmness and cleanliness, brightness, etc.

The above is a brief introduction of kraft paper bag packaging manufacturers on the production process of kraft paper bags. Of course, there will be differences in actual production due to different companies or enterprises, which need to be treated in detail and are only for understanding and reference.

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