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Some problems that often occur in paper bag making

by:Jialan Package     2021-03-30

Some problems often occur in paper bag making

Explanation of paper bag making knowledge, color box packaging products often have color restoration problems in actual production, such as neutral gray color cast, etc., which affects product quality. This is in addition to the problems of the equipment itself and the technical level of the production personnel. In addition, a key problem is that companies fail to carry out effective color management and rational application of inks.

Implementation of Color Management

In layman's terms, for a packaging paper bag manufacturing company to do a good job in color management, it needs to have standard ambient light sources; high-quality color profile generation software; advanced color management systems; standard measuring instruments and test tools; standards Color target; standard paper bag production management; standard remote digital proofing color management; standard scanning restoration, digital camera color management; standard display calibration and screen soft proofing. In the specific implementation process of color management, the following aspects should be done: meticulously do the standardization, standardization, and data production management of the whole process of paper bag making. This is the prerequisite and basis for the application of ICC color management.

Strictly formulate quality standards for fine products

Enterprises must strictly formulate quality standards for fine products, standards for paper, ink and other raw and auxiliary materials and equipment, standards for measuring tools and environmental light sources, and formulate standardized management documents, etc., and require everyone to strictly follow the standards. Displays, soft proofing, printer ICC files, paper bag making machine parameters, etc. should be standardized and quantified within the standards and specifications. Wherever data can be expressed, test methods are used to summarize and summarize data that can ensure quality. The three complement each other and depend on each other to ensure stable high-quality and high-efficiency production.

Prepress image processing technology is the basis and key link of quality

Pre-press image processing technology is the basis and key link of the reproduction quality of paper bag making. The display should be professional, and the scanning of manuscripts and the processing of digital manuscripts should use the four basic standards of reproduction quality (gray balance, tone reproduction, color correction, sharpness enhancement) to guide the work, and standardize the parameters of the four standards through experiments . After scanning the document, it is necessary to adjust and process the defects of the unsuitable manuscript to make the printed product richer and achieve a better effect than the manuscript. For companies that make paper bags in different places, the remote digital proofing profile management can ensure that the colors of the digital proofs in the two places are consistent.

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