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Small knowledge on the use of white cardboard in the production of paper bags

by:Jialan Package     2022-05-16

White cardboard is widely used because of its firmness and thickness, fine and smooth surface. It is a kind of cardboard itself. Under normal circumstances, it is not colored, and its natural color is white, so it is called white cardboard, and other colored ones are called according to their colors. When used as the raw material for making paper bags, the most commonly used are white cardboard, kraft paper, and coated paper.

When white cardboard is used as paper for making paper bags, the most commonly used weights are 210g, 230g, and 250g. Many companies use white cardboard for the production of business paper bags at their annual meetings. , because of its unique texture. Finally, many companies want to use it for their own service paper bag making and gift paper bag making, although his cost price will be higher than the other two commonly used papers.

When white cardboard is used as the raw material for making paper bags, it is best not to choose paper with a high gram weight, which is easy to increase the loss due to edge burst.

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