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Skills in the use of color in the packaging of tea kraft paper bags

by:Jialan Package     2022-05-11

Tea is a green drink. The production of tea kraft paper bags should also inherit the green temperament, especially the color effect of tea packaging boxes plays a very important role in the psychological impact of customers. The attention to color is far greater than the attention to shape, so we must focus on the control and applicability of color in the packaging design of kraft paper bags.

In addition to taking into account the variety of the product, its grade and applicable place, the custom and appreciation habits of consumers should be considered in the tea kraft paper bag. At present, we have five major tea series in China. Its packaging design is also not the same, and the specific color of the image has an important role in eye-catching and moving people and attracting customers.

Take black tea as an example. The color of black tea soup is red and bright. It is mellow when drinking, refreshing and lasting, with a thick aftertaste and a fragrant taste. At this time, we should give it a warm color when we design the packaging of tea kraft paper bags. Department, let a person have a kind of rich, taste thick feeling! In short, different consumers often have different connections to colors. We still need to understand the needs of consumers first, and from their perspective, we can make better tea packaging!

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