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Six design elements of [hand paper bag making]

by:Jialan Package     2022-05-20
Paper bag making is still very important in my country's gift-giving culture. Since our country attaches great importance to gift giving and human etiquette, what are the packaging elements for paper bag making?

1. The choice of packaging materials used in the production of paper bags and iron box packaging not only affects the packaging cost, but also affects the market competitiveness of this product.

2. Packaging color, color is a component element in the packaging that stimulates sales. The combination of tones that highlight the characteristics of the product can not only strengthen the brand characteristics, but also have a strong appeal to customers.

3. The shape of the packaging made by the paper bag, the suitable packaging shape is conducive to storage, transportation and display, as well as product sales. Therefore, the shape is an indispensable combination element in the packaging.

4. The packaging pattern made by the paper bag, the pattern in the iron box packaging is like the picture in the advertisement, its importance and indispensability are self-evident.

5. Product labels, generally printed on the label are the contents of the package and the product, brand logo, product quality level, product manufacturer, production date and period, and method of use.

6. The trademark or, is the main component in the production and packaging of the paper bag, and should occupy a prominent position in the production and packaging of the paper bag as a whole.

To sum up, the above six types are all the elements that need to be paid attention to in the design of paper bag making.
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