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[Silk scarf box] In hand, how can my girlfriend leave? Wholesale moon cake box, packaging box, silk scarf box

by:Jialan Package     2022-03-13

[Scarf box] in hand, how can my girlfriend want to leave

Scarf box /products-detail.asp?cpidu003d25Related introduction:

Characteristics of embossing: This process is mostly used for logo production, highlighting the brand personality, embossing patterns of different shades, enhancing the three-dimensional sense and artistic power.

Characteristics of relief: The upgraded version of the embossing effect, multi-level highlights the brand design features, the lines are softer, the layers are more distinct and delicate, with good hand feel and visual appeal to enhance the added value and artistic effect of the product.

Features of embossing: to match the special texture requirements of the design files, and to match various texture effects, to achieve the unity and coordination of packaging and design.

Characteristics of UV: It is crystal clear and shiny, which is in sharp contrast with other parts, reflecting fashion and individuality, and also has a strong three-dimensional sense.

Characteristics of bronzing: clear pattern, beautiful, bright and eye-catching colors, wear-resistant, in packaging design, bronzing plays the finishing touch, highlights the brand connotation, the role of the theme, and the effect is remarkable.

Characteristics of frosting: the mirror luster of metal, finely divided sand particles, solemnity, elegance and softness in one, fully showing the brand reputation and grade.

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