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Several styles commonly used in the production of cosmetic paper bags

by:Jialan Package     2022-05-01

Cosmetics are a woman's indispensable life partner to make her look beautiful. Since women themselves are a beauty-loving group, cosmetic packaging is presented to women as the first impression of cosmetics, so the style of cosmetic packaging boxes must be attractive, so as to seduce consumers to pay attention to the quality and effect of the product itself, thereby promoting sales. success. So what styles does it have? Here, the editor will introduce the following most commonly used types.

1. Making paper bags for hand-held cosmetics

Adding a hand rope to the cosmetic paper bag, or designing it into a hand-held style, it is very convenient to carry and is deeply loved by customers.

2. Tiandi cover cosmetic paper bag making

It has the characteristics of convenient opening and easy to take out the paper bag to make the contents.

3. Book-shaped cosmetic paper bag making

Its paper bag is similar to the style of a book, and the simple flip cover takes out the paper bag to make the contents.

4. Special-shaped cosmetic paper bag making

This style generally has rhombus, hexagon, trapezoid, and circle, with certain innovative thinking, modern technological innovation leads the favor of fashion consumers.

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