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Several kinds of glue commonly used in the production of gift paper bags

by:Jialan Package     2022-05-13

Glue is an essential thing for paper bag manufacturers to produce gift paper bags, and it is a necessary process for gift paper bags to become finished products. Today I will introduce to you several kinds of glues commonly used in the production and printing of gift paper bags.

The jelly glue whose main component is hot melt adhesive is natural, non-toxic and harmless. It is a new type of safe environmentally friendly adhesive. It uses water as a solvent and has a good adhesive effect. It is used for gift wrapping cartons, tea paper bags The covers of production and picture albums will not be brittle, deformed, moldy, and blistered.

Water-soluble adhesive, also known as water-based adhesive, is suitable for the pasting of special paper, gold cardboard, grayboard and other gift paper bags, and also suitable for the pasting of glossy glue, sub-adhesive paper and general product paper bags . It is made of a film-forming material that can be dispersed or dissolved in water. With the characteristics of frost resistance and high temperature resistance, it is widely used in the production and printing of product paper bags, gift paper bags, and packaging cartons.

The paper plastic that is glued by hand is suitable for making and pasting paper bags of various products such as glossy glue, sub-adhesive paper and ordinary paper, special paper, gold and silver cardboard, etc. At the same time, the paper plastic is used for bonding polyethylene and polypropylene glue. Professional adhesive for film paper.

White latex is one of the most widely used, most used and one of the oldest water-soluble adhesives in paper bag making and printing plants.

High bonding strength, fast curing effect, and the bonding layer is not easy to age, with good toughness and durability. It is a thermoplastic adhesive obtained by polymerization of vinyl acetate monomer under the action of an initiator, which can be cured at room temperature. Widely used in tea paper bag making, moon cake paper bag making, boutique paper bag making and other gift paper bag making and printing.

All-purpose adhesive has good oil resistance, solvent resistance and chemical resistance. Strong adhesive ability and wide application range. In addition to being suitable for carton packaging and printing, it can also be used in rubber, leather, fabric, cardboard, wood-based panels, wood, foam, ceramics, concrete, metal, etc., so it is called universal glue. .

The pasting of gift paper bags is not limited to one kind of glue. The choice of printing glue for paper bags mainly depends on the needs of the paper bag printing factory itself. For more tea paper bag production and printing, moon cake paper bag production and printing and other boutique gift paper bag production and printing, please contact us.

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