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Several design points for the production of product paper bags

by:Jialan Package     2022-05-08
The function of paper bag production can play the role of protecting products, transporting products, and promoting products, and the design of paper bag production is related to the dissemination of products, and needs to be seriously considered. What are the design elements of paper bag making? The following is an analysis of design ideas, detailed design, competitor analysis, and overall style.

Product paper bag making design ideas

The design ideas are generally guided by the market development trend, taking the psychological needs of consumers as the starting point, to design product packaging that consumers are satisfied with, as well as products with market competitiveness, quickly open the market, and win consumer reputation. And then constantly update the design, and strive for perfection.

Product paper bag making detail design

Details determine success or failure, and attention to detail design can achieve perfection. Whether the logo design of a product box can quickly attract consumers to buy, in addition to the beauty of the shape, there are also factors such as color, pattern, meaning, size, art, etc. Every detail design can play a key role. How to gain the recognition and love of consumers requires not only the general design direction, but also the improvement of local detailed design.

Competitor analysis

Analyze competitors' packaging and launch their own special packaging products to make consumers more sticky. For example, the potato chips on the market, Lay's potato chips are packaged in paper drums, making them different from other potato chips packaged in plastic bags, making it easier for consumers to identify and more likeable. In addition, the difference between bottled beverages and paper-packaged beverages is mainly due to the portability of consumers.

Color matching for product paper bag making design

The grasp and application of packaging color can directly reflect a certain characteristic of the internal item and enhance the customer's sense of love, so it can become the purchase target of consumers. Food packaging such as cakes and snacks are mostly rendered in yellow, while beverages such as tea, whiskey, beer, and coffee are mostly in low-key brown. The lemon shampoo in cosmetics is mostly designed in lemon yellow. Some products cleverly use the principle of color to impress users' psychology, and often get miraculous effects.

Product paper bag making design focuses on overall style

Because different products have different demands on consumers, the overall design style of the outer packaging will also have different requirements. For example, the style of high-end products is different from that of low-end products, while daily-use products are also different from edible products, and functional products are very different from ornamental products, so the overall style determines the needs of customers. important.

With the deepening of economic globalization, the integration of various trade products is becoming more and more frequent. The same is true between the production of paper bags and products, which complement each other. Exquisite packaging can not only improve the commercial value of the product, but also improve its use value, and play an important role in product protection, transportation, and publicity.

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